Bobbit Worms Are The Graboids Of The Deep

Bobbit worms hunt by burrowing into the ocean floor and sticking their five striped antennae up above the sand to detect prey. Once a morsel swims by, the worm grabs it with its impressive, pincer-like pharynx. It then drags its catch down into its hole to be devoured. Bobbit worms have proven themselves more than troublesome for aquarists who unwittingly bring a baby one into their tanks. A four-foot bobbit worm once terrorized a Cornwall aquarium for months before workers finally discovered him living in the coral, removed him, and named him "Barry."

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Bobbit worms are polychaete worms that live on the ocean floor. 00:29

  2. When bobbit worms strike with their powerful mouthparts, they can slice their prey in half. 00:53

  3. Bobbit worms grow to lengths of around 3.3 feet (1 meter) on average, but have been known to reach 10 feet (3 meters). 01:21

Written by Curiosity Staff January 12, 2016

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