Black MIDI Songs Have An Overwhelming Number Of Notes

Black MIDI Songs Have An Overwhelming Number Of Notes

Creating black MIDI songs is somewhat of a competition for experts in the field, also known as blackers. They try to one-up each other by composing songs with more and more notes, despite the fact that especially large MIDI songs are capable of crashing the computer on which they're played. Many Black MIDI songs were covers of music from the Touhou Project video games.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    MIDI is a shared digital language that allows electronic instruments to communicate with computers. (0:21)

  • 2

    Black MIDI songs are ostensibly created by layering multiple MIDI files on top of each other and shortening the notes. (1:52)

  • 3

    The 10 largest black MIDI songs are all from Touhou video games. (3:25)

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