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Bill Nye Says Anti-Science Politicians Endanger Us All

"The same legislators who, when it comes to climate change, say 'Well, I'm not a scientist so I can't have an opinion on climate change,' sure have a lot of opinions on Ebola." Watch the video below to hear more about Bill Nye's take on anti-science attitudes and the effect they have on the world.


Bill Nye On Anti-Science Politicians

Scientific ignorance doesn't just hurt you. It can hurt everyone.

The Science Of Anti-Vaccination

Why do some people not trust vaccines?

How To Spot Pseudoscience

Separate the real science from the fakers.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Look for a history of similar claims to identify pseudoscience. 01:30

  2. Check the source of a fact or article to identify if it may be pseudoscience. 02:05

  3. Find the original article before believing a new study; secondary stories may have spins on them. 02:42

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