BigDelta, The Enormous 3D Printer That Can Build Clay Homes

BigDelta was built by the Italian company WASP, short for World's Advanced Saving Project. At 12 meters (40 feet) high, it's one of the biggest 3D printers ever made, and can construct homes out of natural materials layer by layer. WASP imagines that BigDelta could assist with the global housing crisis, providing shelters in a way that's eco-friendly, quick, and cost-effective.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Clay buildings in Morocco remain sturdy with the addition of a few centimeters of clay every 5 years. 01:13

  2. Blending clay with fiber from a tamarind tree or straw can help increase its strength when it dries. 01:33

  3. Watch a WASP 3D printer build miniature ceramic buildings: 04:17

Written by Curiosity Staff September 29, 2015

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