Big Macs Teach You About Economics

Big Macs are tasty, nostalgic, and... educational? That's right. Economics majors are generally introduced to The Economist's model of the Big Mac Index early on in their studies. The model is used to examine purchasing power parity (PPP) across countries. But why? Big Macs are a relatively constant comparable. In the following videos, learn how the index works, hear how the Big Mac was created, and take a crash course on international trade.

Big Mac Economics

Economist Magazine uses burger prices to teach about purchasing power parity (PPP).

Big Mac's Pittsburgh Inventor

The late Jim Delligatti created McDonald's Big Mac. Hear Delligatti tell his story:

Imports, Exports, And Exchage Rates

Need a crash course on international trade? Watch the 10 minute video below.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 30, 2016

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