Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream... Or Bagels?

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Before it became a famous ice cream company, Ben & Jerry's was originally going to be a bagel business. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield changed their minds when they found out the overall cost of all the supplies needed to make bagels. In 1978, the two took a $5 class on ice cream making from Pennsylvania State University, and got rolling on their sweet treat business we know today. The very first ice cream parlor was called "Ben & Jerry's Homemade," located in Burlington, Vermont. The parlor was actually an old gas station. Within the first five years of running the business, Ben & Jerry's had gross sales of $2 million.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Ben & Jerry's was originally going to be a bagel company. 00:04

  2. Ben & Jerry's first ice cream parlor in Vermont was made out of an old gas station. 00:32

  3. Ben & Jerry's sold their company to Unilever in 2000 for $326 million. 02:13