Beloved Items That Were Invented By Accident

Not all accidents are unfortunate ones. In fact, some accidental inventions include the things you use every day. Did you know Coca-Cola was an accidental invention? American pharmacist John Pemberton was just trying to find a cure for headaches when he created the globally sensational soft drink. He was testing coca leaves and kola nuts for his headache elixir when his lab assistant accidentally mixed the two together with carbonated water. The result? Coca-Cola. Other accidental inventions include the following: dynamite, penicillin, microwave ovens, Velcro, fireworks, Teflon, and Post-It notes, which 3M originally described as having a "useless, sticky substance" before realizing their potential.

25 Accidental Discoveries That You Should Be Thankful For

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A swiss engineer was inspired by burrs after taking a hike in the woods and invented Velcro. 00:37

  2. Potato chips were invented as a way to annoy to pesky restaurant customer. 04:47

  3. Super glue was invented by accident in the 1940s. 05:32

Written by Curiosity Staff March 10, 2016

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