Being In Nature Is Fun-And Good For Your Mind And Body

Being In Nature Is Fun-And Good For Your Mind And Body

Sunshine is not only enjoyable, but also important to survival as we know it. Vitamin D is known as the "sunshine vitamin," and it works to absorb the calcium your body takes in from food. This process leads to bone growth and strength. Without the vitamin D from sunlight, your body would also suffer a decrease in immune function. Going outside is good for your mind too, specifically, going outside into a natural landscape. Brain scans show that a brain in nature showed more activity in the regions associated with stability, empathy, and love. In contrast, a brain in an urban setting showed fear and stress activity.


Key Facts In This Video

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    Sunlight helps to sustain human life. (0:27)

  • 2

    Nature in general has been shown to boost mental and physical health. (1:31)

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    There's a link between the amount of time we spend sitting and mortality rates. (2:10)

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