Barbara Newhall Follett: The Child Prodigy You've Never Heard Of

Most people are aware of the child prodigies Mozart, Pablo Picasso, Bobby Fischer, and more. But mentions of the young American writer Barbara Newhall Follett in this list are scarce. Follett began working on her first novel, "The House Without Windows," at the age of 8, and was published as a 12-year-old. Many esteemed publications gave her only two novels glowing reviews. However, at the age of 25, Follett reportedly left her home and her husband with nothing but $30 in her pocket, and was never heard from again. Before her disappearance, Follett endured financial troubles in the Great Depression, an unhappy marriage, the separation of her parents, and more.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 6, 2015

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