Axolotls Can Regrow Limbs As Many Times As They Need To

You cannot deny the cuteness of the axolotl, also known as the Mexican salamander. But you also can't deny the scientific superpower this little amphibian possesses. The axolotl can regenerate its legs, tail, and gills a countless number of times. And it does it perfectly every time, without scarring or any evidence that it was regrown. It's not amphibian magic, it's just amazing axolotl science.

There are other amphibians that can regenerate limbs, this is true. But none do it like the axolotl. An axolotl is the only species that can regrow many parts of its body perfectly at any point in its life. Axolotls can also receive transplanted organs from other axolotls without rejecting the organ. Axolotls' bodies retain the information needed to regrow limbs, whereas humans, for example, do not retain this information. Learn how limbs grow back on a cellular level in the video below.

The Amazing Regeneration Skills Of The Axolotl

New leg, no problem.

The Curious Creature That Is The Axolotl

It's curious that they keep a tadpole-like appearance even after reaching maturity.

Axolotls Make Cool Aquarium Pets

They're virutally extinct in the wild.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 30, 2016

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