"Avant-Garde" Has Its Origins In The Military

"Avant-Garde" Has Its Origins In The Military

Generally, when you think of the word "avant-garde" you think of art, music, or literature that goes against convention. In simple terms, avant-garde work is a little weird. The meaning of the term originated in military speak, where it referred to the "advanced guard," a group of soldiers that moved ahead in front of the group. This may relate to how we use it to describe the arts in that "avant-garde" artists always seem to be pushing the limits of art. Considered the quintessential example of avant-garde art is the Dada movement-a movement that questioned what art is.

Where Did Avant-Garde Come From?

Watch to see how the avant-garde presents itself in Picasso's work.


from Philadelphia Museum of Art

Avant-Garde Art Was Once Considered Quite Dangerous

Dangerous enough to wage psychological warfare.

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