Audrey Munson Was The "It" Girl Of The Gilded Age

Look up to the architecture around New York City and you'll see one thing in common: Audrey Munson. Munson was considered the "it" girl of the Gilded Age. She has also been described as America's Venus. Around the turn of the century, Munson was discovered on Fifth Avenue in New York because her Aphrodite-esque physique stood out as looking very Venus de Milo. After her discovery, she became the muse for scores of artists, and became a silent film star, known for appearing nude. Today, you can see Munson in the form of many of the public statues around New York City that used her as a muse.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Audrey Munson was called the "it" girl of the Gilded Age for being a muse for many artists during that time. 00:01

Written by Curiosity Staff April 13, 2016

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