Black Holes

At The Event Horizon Of A Black Hole, Space And Time Fundamentally Change

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You've heard of black holes, but do you know what they really are and what they really do? Black holes are massively dense objects that have unbelievably strong gravitational pulls because of that density. The pull is so strong that not even light is fast enough to escape it. This point of no return is called the event horizon.


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What Happens At The Event Horizon?

Even professional physicists disagree on what's supposed to happen here.

How Can Black Holes Shine?

Aren't they supposed to be dark...?

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. At the heart of a black hole is the singularity, a region of highly compressed matter. 01:44

  2. Light inside the event horizon of a black hole cannot escape. 02:47

  3. Excess gas, dust, and material gather around black holes in disks that heat up and glow. 03:34

How Do We Know Black Holes Exist?

We've never even seen one.