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Astronaut Tim Peake Shared 3 Brain Teasers He Had to Solve Before Going to Space

Plenty of kids dream of being an astronaut, but not many people get the chance. It takes a whole lot more than a childhood dream to get yourself space-bound. Take it from real-life astronaut Tim Peake, who recently took to social media to share some of the problems he had to solve for his astronaut selection test. Could you solve them?

Spacey Smarts

Peake is a British astronaut who spent 186 days on the International Space Station in 2016, and is now challenging the public with some of the logic puzzles and brain teasers he had to crack in order to get into low-orbit. He's sharing these tricky problems in anticipation of the book he penned, along with the European Space Agency, entitled "The Astronaut Selection Test Book: Do You Have What it Takes?", which will be released this October. Want to put your knowledge to the test? Here are three brain teasers Peake shared on Twitter. Good luck!

The Brain Teasers

In the grid, which combination of shapes should fill the missing square?
Wheels 1 and 2 have the same radius. How fast will Wheel 2 rotate if Wheel 1 is being driven?
A line runs through the middle of a 3D shape such that it is equidistant from all surfaces. What is the shape?

Once you think you've solved one or more of these problems, scroll down to get the answers from Peake himself. Do you have what it takes to be an ESA astronaut?

The Answers

Before you check your answers and get too excited thinking you're now qualified for spaceflight, hang on. It'll take an astronaut hopeful more than just that. To be an astronaut with the ESA, you'll also attend the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany. Here, you'll gain an education in scientific, mathematical, engineering, and medical skills, as well as the physics of orbital mechanics, some survival training, and the Russian language. Next comes about two and a half years of intensive training at different locations all around the world.

But back to the brain teasers. Here are your answers:

"And the answers are:

1) B -the pattern mirrors adjacent shapes but in different colours

2) A -wheels of same radius at start & end of the sequence will spin at the same speed

3) B -for the mathematicians, it's essentially asking for the locus of a straight line

So how did you do?"

Want more astronaut problems? Pre-order Tim Peake's book "The Astronaut Selection Test Book: Do You Have What it Takes?" and get it in October 2018. We handpick reading recommendations we think you may like. If you choose to make a purchase through that link, Curiosity will get a share of the sale.

Written by Joanie Faletto June 27, 2018

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