Ashrita Furman Has The World Record For Most World Records

Ashrita Furman is the guy you want to sit and have a beer with. If there's any person on Earth who deserves the title of Mr. Versatility, it's Furman. Though he has conquered a number of impressive (if bizarre) feats, he is truly the best at one thing: breaking world records. Since 1979, the Brooklyn native has set more than 500 Guinness World Records, more than any other individual. And if anyone wants to overtake his title, they better get started: Furman was still actively smashing titles in 2016.

So what do these records include? Here are just a few: jumping on the shortest usable pogo stick, the fastest mile run on two shovels as stilts, longest time balancing a running electric lawnmower on his chin, fastest mile run with a milk bottle on his head, highest mountain climb on stilts, and most underwater rope jumps in one hour. Watch the video below to hear from the man himself.

The Man With The Most Guinness World Records

Ashrita Furman is quite a spectacle.

Ashrita Furman Is Mr. Versatility

Can't say he's not motivated.

Ashrita Furman Balances 62 Pint Glasses On His Chin

For 10 seconds!

Written by Curiosity Staff October 21, 2016

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