Arianna Huffington's Bedtime Routine Is a "Sacrosanct Ritual" That Gives Her a Stress-Free Day

How important is sleep? Oh, let us count the ways. For Arianna Huffington, it's a serious matter. Her nighttime routine is a strict to-do that she calls a "sacrosanct ritual." It's an extreme wind-down, but she swears by it for a stress-free next day. Pass the Epsom salts, Ari!

Rise and Repeat

Ever since she collapsed from exhaustion in 2007, Huffington has made it her personal mission to educate people on the importance of sleep. And you can bet she practices what she preaches. Not only does Huffington have a go-to "transition to sleep" routine, a waking ritual, and a five-item list of sleep rules, she even wrote a book on sleep. In 2016, she published her book "The Sleep Revolution," which, according to her website, "shows how our cultural dismissal of sleep as time wasted compromises our health and our decision-making and undermines our work lives, our personal lives — and even our sex lives."

Her personal pre-sleep routine? Start fillin' your tub now before we dive in. First, as she writes in a column in The Telegraph, she cleans her face with specific products (Mila's cleansing milk, and an oil from Fresh to remove eye makeup). Next, she bravely turns off all her devices and "gently escorts" them out of the bedroom. You know how looking at screens before bedtime can wreck your sleep, right? Then, Huffington slips into the tub for a bath with Epsom salts beside a lit candle. If she's feeling especially anxious, she'll keep the bath going longer. Once she gets into bed, Huffington makes sure to wear sleep-only clothes, versus the workout clothes she used to sleep in. Lastly, she'll review the things she's grateful for. "That way," she writes, "my blessings, not my worries, get the closing scene of the night."

You're Getting Very, Very Sleepy...

These are Huffington's five rules, some more like tenets, of sleep in her own words. Commit these to memory:

  1. Sleep is a fundamental and non-negotiable human need.
  2. Exhaustion is a sign of chaos, not a badge of honour.
  3. A bedroom should be an oasis: a beautiful escape from the day.
  4. Usher your mobile out of the bedroom before you go to bed.
  5. When you walk through your bedroom door, leave unfinished business behind.

Looking for more tips to supercharge your life? Check out Huffington's book, "Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder." The audiobook is free with a trial of Audible.

Arianna Huffington: Why Sleep and Success Are Inseparable

Written by Joanie Faletto September 19, 2017

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