Are There Ways To Make Your Batteries Last Longer?

Are There Ways To Make Your Batteries Last Longer?

Ever find yourself out and about with a dying phone battery? You've probably heard those tips to save your battery and extend the life of AAs -- but is there truth in any of them? Like putting batteries in the freezer, for example. Not only is this a complete myth, but the act may actually harm the batteries. Find out why -- and get more insight into battery life -- below.

Does Putting Batteries In The Freezer Make Them Last Longer?

It's time to settle this once and for all.

A Weird Way To Extend Your Phone Battery

Scientists are trying to figure out how to redirect lost energy back to your phone.

5 Tips To Make Your Phone Battery Last

Start by turning off GPS when you're not using it.


More Tips For Optimizing Battery Life

Close any apps you aren't using.

Why Can't You Throw Away Batteries?

Better to recycle them -- here's how to do it right.

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