Animals Make Different Noises Depending On The Language You're Speaking

Around the world, different languages have their own onomatopoeic interpretations of animal sounds. Many, like the one that a snake makes ("sss") stay pretty constant from language to language. But others vary widely: in Urdu, cows say "baeh" instead of "moo," and Japan is the only place where bees go "boon boon" with nary an "s" or a "z" in sight. Animal sounds can also depend on how important that animal is to a country. For example, English-speakers have many more words for the noise that a dog makes than other places where owning pet dogs isn't as common.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Japanese words never begin with a "kw" sound, so ducks cannot say "quack." 01:01

  2. Hear how French-speakers imitate a pig: 01:34

  3. In Italy, "gnam gnam" is the equivalent of "yum yum." 02:40

Written by Curiosity Staff April 15, 2016