Animal Babies Born On Ice

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Cold-weather condition offspring are a special kind of animal babies. Adult polar bears might grow to reach a potential weight of 1,600 pounds, but as babies, they're playful cubs who embrace snowy banks head-first and are fiercely protected by their mother. When it comes to seal pups, it's all about the blubber. At the one month marker, baby seals are already a whopping 250 pounds—bump that up to 1,000 pounds of lumpy blubber by the time they're adults. The excess weight is necessary for these slippery creatures to survive harsh temperatures, direct skin-to-ice contact and insulation for underwater fishing expeditions. Penguins, too, are avid divers and, as babies, bear the same traits of a healthy fully grown feather coat: shiny, oily and ready to slice through the sea. But as youngsters, penguins junior coats are fluffy and soft, like small down jackets.

These animals are essential to the world's food chain and some of the most astonishing species on Earth—and when they're babies, their adventurous spirit and fluffy coats can't help but inspire. So put on your warmest winter galoshes and arctic-level diving suit as this playlist jumps in alongside some of the cutest animals in the coldest corners of the world.


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