An Introduction to Surviving Off-Grid

Think you could survive off the grid? Utility bills are a fact of life for most people—a frustrating, tiresome, and expensive fact of life. For decades, people have dreamt of a way of escaping the clutches of public utilities companies, a way of sidestepping those monthly mailbox woes. In recent years, they've found it. Living off-grid is an increasingly popular choice—and one that is fast becoming a genuinely viable and sustainable alternative to rising energy prices.

"The Grid" is the name given to the national power grid in the United States, a system that stores and delivers electricity to homes nationwide. As well as electricity, the majority of homes are also connected to gas and mains water services—living off-grid refers to rejecting all of these centrally stored amenities in favor of creating and storing your own personal energy and water supplies. It can be done! Learn more in this video playlist about how to survive off-grid.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 16, 2014

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