An Intoxicating Look Inside Beer

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Before sipping that beer, give thanks to the scribes of 2,000 B.C.E. According to the Beer Institute, the first recorded beer recipe was etched into wet clay more than 4,000 years ago. Cheers to the Stone Age.

Quench your thirst for knowledge of this beloved brew with the informative videos in this playlist. From ingredients and origins to home-brewing and biodiversity, there's more to beer than the booze-induced buzz. Crack open a cold one and empower yourself with fascinating facts about beer.

Share the knowledge!

Share the knowledge!

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Beer dates back to at least 3,000 B.C.E. 00:45

  2. The White House brews its own beer, and there is a recipe for its beer on its website. 04:24

  3. "Harry Potter", the Declaration of Independence, and the play "A Few Good Men" were all partially written in bars. 05:40

Share the knowledge!

Share the knowledge!

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