An Industrial Robot Arm Is Ready To Give Tattoos

It's not easy to sit under a pulsating needle that repeatedly punctures your skin. But the experience of getting a tattoo may have just gotten a little scarier. French engineers Pierre Emm and Johan da Silveira are responsible for the world's first tattoo given by an industrial robot arm. They created this device to be steadier than the human hand, but once the human element is removed from the process, different risks enter the picture. For instance, if the person getting the tattoo doesn't remain perfectly still during the procedure, the arm wouldn't know to stop or recalibrate based on the person's new position.

There are a few steps the robot must take before hitting skin, however. First, a 3D model of the tattoo surface is made. Then, a mockup of the tattoo design is created using computer software. Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, the tattoo recipient must remain absolutely motionless. Though Emm and da Silveira did not originally plan for their creation to be a commercial endeavor, they've noted that demand is so high from tattoo artists that tattoo shops may indeed be the future for their tattooing robot. Watch the video below to see the robot in action.

Watch The Robot Tattoo Arm In Action

Would you get a tattoo from a robot?

Written by Curiosity Staff August 31, 2016

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