An Entire Alaskan Town Lives In One 14-Story Building

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Imagine going to school, working, and getting your annual physical all without leaving your condo building. That's the reality for the residents of Whittier, Alaska. People have no reason to leave the 14-story building, which is called Begich Towers Incorporated. But even if they had to leave, they might not want to. This town gets an average of 22 feet of snow every year, more than 1,000 times the national average. The year-round population of Whittier is only about 220, but about their isolation together, they say, "We're all family here." Learn more about Whittier, and hear from someone who lives and works there, in these videos.

An Entire City Lives In This One Building

The residents of Whittier, Alaska show you what it's like when an entire city lives in one building.

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More About Whittier

Hear firsthand from a Whittier resident and elementary school teacher about what it's like to live and work there.

A Quick History Of Alaska

Learn more about the state that Whittier's residents call home.

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