Amazing Underwater Scenes

Though exploration, beautiful pictures of underwater scenes have come to life. Forget about Atlantis, the Kraken, and mermaids, there are some truly incredible—and completely factual—things that happen beneath the waves of our oceans. Myths and legends are entertaining, but the true stories from the oceans can be just as remarkable. The environment that covers over 70% of the planet's surface is home to some of its most stunning wildlife, most dramatic scenery, and most weird and wonderful inventions. It's often the final frontier for terrestrial explorers, a playground for sports and wildlife enthusiasts, and perhaps the most important ecosystem on our planet.

Mankind has always been fascinated by what goes on under the sea, but it's only recently that technology has allowed us to get there, record what goes on, and add our own amazing stories to what happens every day under the surface of the ocean. Dive deep into this playlist to explore some of the most amazing underwater videos out there.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 13, 2014

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