Every Human Is Bioluminescent

Actually, everything with a temperature above 0 Kelvin emits light. But our glow is not just from body heat—the amount of light and the amount of heat we give off do not match, meaning we truly are slightly bioluminescent. Scientists found that we give off light in a 24-hour cycle, and that the brightest light comes from our cheeks, forehead, and neck.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. 00:08

  2. An anglerfish's lure is full of light-generating bacteria. 00:30

  3. Anglerfish get their name from their glowing lures, which serve the same function as a fisherman's (or angler's) bait. 01:28

Written by Curiosity Staff January 14, 2015

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