All About Air Pressure

The main difference between peer pressure and atmospheric—or air pressure—is that although both forces can feel like they're constantly exerting themselves on us, we don't actually have to give into peer pressure. Air pressure on the other hand is what's responsible for weather and works alongside Earth's gravitational forces to create a livable environment—much less escapable.This is because air has mass, meaning it also has weight and takes up space within the atmosphere. A common misconception is traveling to higher altitudes causes sickness because of decreases in the levels of oxygen, however the level of oxygen remains the same while rather atmospheric pressure and density changes.

So how is air pressure manipulated in ways that creates hazardous weather? What would happen if we lived in a world without pressure from the atmosphere? Check out the amazing ways the tremendous weight of an invisible, ever-present substance influences our lives.

Written by Curiosity Staff January 6, 2015

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