Alien Hand Syndrome Causes Your Hand To "Think" For Itself

There have been around 50 recorded cases of alien hand syndrome, which is also called anarchic hand. Those afflicted with the rare condition report that their hand performs various actions involuntarily. These actions range from the benign, such as buttoning up a shirt, to the violent, such as choking the body's own neck. The hand seems to operate due to activity originating in the brain's motor strip, which typically needs input from the frontal lobe before instructing the body to move.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Paris Syndrome occurs when a tourist's trip to Paris leaves them feeling disillusioned, and sometimes causes physical symptoms. 00:10

  2. Alien Hand Syndrome refers to the complete loss of control over one's hand. 01:37

  3. Uncombable Hair Syndrome causes unbendable, straight hairs that stick out from the scalp. 02:26

Written by Curiosity Staff February 26, 2015

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