Al Capone's Brother, The Prohibition Officer

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James Vincenzo Capone was born in 1892, seven years before his famous brother, Al Capone. He headed out west after growing up in Brooklyn, and left the family at the age of 16 to join the circus in 1908. He traveled the country under the name Richard Hart to keep people from discovering his Italian heritage. Eventually, "Hart" settled in Nebraska, where he became a sheriff. Then, he went for more excitement. Hart became a prohibition enforcement officer. Hart was known as "Two Gun Hart" for his pearl-handled pistols. He was also well known for disguising himself in order to bust bootleggers.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. James Vincenzo Capone was born in 1892, seven years before his brother, Al. 00:11

  2. James Vincenzo Capone, Al Capone's brother, was a prohibition enforcement officer. 01:21

  3. When Richard Hart was broke and totally removed from the Capone family, he asked his brother Al for financial help, and Al obliged. 02:27

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