Artificial Intelligence

AI Is Changing The Future Of Driving

In the future, connected cars could facilitate a far safer driving experience. The cars would communicate directly, alerting each other of road hazards, inclement weather, and other obstacles without needing to draw data from the cloud beforehand. AI systems would also enable the cars to think, learn, and react to different scenarios with the safest response possible, whether it's heading down an alternate route or hitting a piece of debris rather than swerving into oncoming traffic.

Cars Are Beginning to Talk

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The connected car from Toyota will convey information to other cars directly, without drawing data from the cloud. 00:38

  2. Connected cars could warn each other of unfavorable road and weather conditions, as well as suggest safer routes. 01:30

  3. In the future, artificial intelligence could allow vehicles to learn and ultimately make decisions geared toward safety. 01:53

Written by Curiosity Staff January 29, 2016

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