Absorb Books In 15 Minutes With Blinkist

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Curiosity is proud to spotlight products like Blinkist that can make you smarter. Look for a special offer for the Curiosity community at the bottom of this article.

Reading is good for you. Insanely good for you. Let's run down just a handful of a the benefits:

As much as we may love to curl up with a book, it's getting harder to find the time. Thanks to smartphones, 60 percent of workers are connected to the job 13 hours a day. And if you're a mom in America, you have roughly 36 minutes of free time in a day. You want to read, but it's hard to fit in your schedule.

Enter Blinkist. The app condenses books into easy-to-digest, 15-minute "blinks." They're highly curated presentations of all the best insights from non-fiction. In other words, A Brief History Of Time is now brief enough to read while you wait for the bus.

Improve Yourself Over Coffee

When you read Curiosity.com, we take often-confusing or abstract concepts and try to convey them as clearly as we can. Blinkist does the same thing, but specifically focusing on books. At least seven people are working on each book to bring you the core concepts in the clearest, most memorable ways. That means that when you start digging into Stephen Hawking's history of the universe, you'll get the building blocks at your own pace, without having to plow through a wall of text.

Blinkist makes non-fiction masterpieces something even the busiest people can integrate into their lives. And that doesn't mean it's all astrophysics and history—brain hacks and self-improvement are two fields in which the app shines. Just look at their round-up of five books to change your life. Every one provides perspective-shifting strategies, from classics such as Dale Carnegie's How To Stop Worrying And Start Living to a transformative text by TED Talker Ken Robinson. The point is, however you're trying to expand your mind, you can absorb the key concepts of almost any book in under 15 minutes.

The app covers an incredible range of topics. Politics and society? Check. Science. Check. Biography and history? Money and investments? Psychology? Technology and the future? Check, check, check, check. If it will make you smarter and broaden your mind, the Blinkist team has tackled the best books in the field. And if you don't know where to begin, don't worry. When you sign up, Blinkist will get a sense for your interests and steer you in the right direction.

Making Your Ears Blink Too

But what if you don't have 15 minutes to read? Here's some good news: Blinkist makes blinks for your ears as well. And here's some even better news: listening is just as good as reading. Whether you take in a book with your ears or your eyes, your brain works just as hard and gains the exact same benefit. Good thing, too, since there's a 15-minute audio version of most of the condensed books in Blinkist's library. Yeah, that means a 45-minute drive enough time to bone up on a new diet, a proven leadership strategy, and, just for fun, an overview of string theory.

If you'd like to start learning with Blinkist, click through to the special Curiosity landing page and get 3 months of Blinkist for free!

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Written by Curiosity Staff July 12, 2017
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