Abdul Sattar Edhi Was Pakistan's Own Mother Teresa

Though you've likely never heard his name, Abdul Sattar Edhi was an extraordinary humanitarian, helping more people in his lifetime than almost any other other individual in history. Often called "Pakistan's Mother Teresa," Edhi developed a slew of social services for Pakistan, including 1,500 ambulances, 24-hour emergency services, homeless shelters, orphanages, blood banks, and homes for unwanted and abandoned infants. In reference to how he started his work, Edhi told NPR's Julie McCarthy in 2009: "I saw people lying on the pavement. The flu had spread in Karachi, and there was no one to treat them. So I set up benches and got medical students to volunteer. I was penniless and begged for donations on the street. And people gave. I bought this 8-by-8 room to start my work." This grew into the Edhi Foundation, which ended up handling many responsibilities that the Pakistani government did not. Edhi did not accept government offers of support, and only took private donations. Edhi was born in 1928, and died in July of 2016. Hear from Edhi himself in the video below, then learn about some other world heroes.

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 5, 2016

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