A Piece Of Newton Went Into Space (Sort Of)

A Piece Of Newton Went Into Space (Sort Of)

Sir Isaac Newton lived many years before humans began exploring space travel, yet a piece of him got to fly with the astronauts-kind of. There is a notebook written by a contemporary and friend of Isaac Newton that details the legendary story of Newton watching an apple fall from a tree before theorizing gravity. No, apparently that tale isn't just a legend of science history. Several items were made from the wood of this very tree, and a shard of it even flew into space. Surely, Newton would be proud and flattered.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    From 1703 to 1727, Isaac Newton was president of The Royal Society. (0:01)

  • 2

    A contemporary of Isaac Newton wrote stories about his life, including the famous tale of Newton watching the apple fall from the tree. (1:03)

  • 3

    A piece of wood from the tree that inspired Isaac Newton to theorize gravity went into space. (3:01)

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