A Journey Through Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Today, Emily Dickinson is a staple in the literary world, yet during her lifetime she did not experience much, if any fame. In fact, although she's believed to have written hundreds or more poems, only one or two were ever published while she was alive. How can that be? The American author and poet was known to have issues with personal space and social difficulties, and often missed long stretches of class at Almherst College due to her struggles with depression. Still, her lasting impact on the world remains. Her internal conflicts are demonstrated through her prose and are accompanied by her famously unusual syntax and writing rhythm, creating her signature style.

Although Dickinson died in 1886, her works weren't initially published as a collection until 1955, years after her sister first discovered troves of poetry written by her late-sister. Listen to some of Emily Dickinson's most prominent works, and learn more about this complicated American poet.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 9, 2014

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