A Guide To Home Remedies

If you've ever had acne, a bee sting or burn you're likely familiar with home remedies. Often consisting of natural components like earthly elements, oils, herbs and other readily-available safe household items, home remedies save you the trouble of a doctor's appointment and can surprisingly produce positive bodily effects. Take superfoods like honey and coconut oil for example. Both can be eaten as food, used as anti-inflammatory aids, moisturize the skin and help clear up acne. Struggling with foot odor? Try giving your feet a much deserved vodka bath, where the alcohol content doubles as antiseptic and bacteria-killer. Cranberries are known to help relieve joint pain and break down painful crystals in the bladder. Research shows that St. John's wort can reduce mild to moderate depression.

Home remedies are passed down through generations, noted by doctors of both Eastern and Western medicine and although praised by many, they do not replace the essential role of a physician in the case of severe illness. This playlist examines some of the most common natural remedies to everyday ailments and how you can try them at home.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 3, 2014

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