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A Finnish Mathematician Claimed That This Is the Most Difficult Sudoku Puzzle in the World

An ordinarily simple task proving impossible is frustration defined. Enter Sudoku, the now-ubiquitous numbers puzzle. Despite its straightforward rules, solving the game can be really, really hard. Just ask Arto Inkala, the guy who claimed to have created the most difficult Sudoku puzzle in the world. (Check out the puzzle below, and try to solve it — if frustration brings you joy and you have A LOT of time to kill, that is.)

Do You Sudoku?

You've probably attempted a Sudoku once or twice. Especially since the year 2005, anyway. It was during this year that the game really blew up in Britain and the U.S. Between April and August 2005, more than half the leading American newspapers began printing one or more Sudoku a day, according to the New York Times. No puzzle has ever had such a fast introduction in newspapers since the crossword craze of 1924-25. That explosive popularity may be due to the fact that solving puzzles gives us the sense that we are restoring order, says Marcel Danesi, Ph.D., in Psychology Today.

Here's the World's Hardest Sudoku

Finnish mathematician Arto Inkala devised this Sudoku puzzle in 2012, dubbing it the most difficult setup of the puzzle in the world. He named the thing Everest, because, well, conquering it is an incomprehensible feat. Inkala specifically designed Everest to be unsolvable to anyone but the most brilliant. For reference, most Sudoku grids are graded on a five-star scale, where five stars denotes the most challenging puzzles. According to this ranking system, Inkala rated Everest an eleven, so good luck. For the answer to this monster, scroll down.

Here's the Answer

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Written by Joanie Faletto September 17, 2017

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