A Complete History of Video Game Consoles

The video gaming industry continues to break ground, from Edward U. Condon's "Nim" game in the World's Fair to Ralph Baer's invention of the first game console in the early 1970s. Baer was considered the "Father of Video Games," but with the rapid growth of technology, we have quickly upgraded from Baer's Magnavox Odyssey with a switch box and rectangular controllers, to Nintendo's 2016 release of the "Switch," a hybrid console and handheld device. Hear from the late Ralph Baer and learn more about the history of video game development in the videos below.

Explore the Invention of Video Game Consoles with the "Father Of Video Games"

The late Ralph Baer revolutionized the video game industry with his invention of the video game console in 1972. Hear his story.

Learn About The History of Video Game Development

Bill Guschwan delves into the history of video game development with Google TechTalks.

Discover The Future Of Video Games

In Nolan Bushnell's Google TechTalk, he reflects on the history of video games and explores the future of this booming industry.

Written by Curiosity Staff January 11, 2014

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