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A Colorful Wonderland Hides Beneath The Antarctic Ice

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Antarctica—the most uninhabited place on Earth—has a productive, colorful, wide variety of sea life, including "sponges, sea spiders, urchins, sea cucumbers and sea stars" that's hiding beneath the sea's icy surface. Who would have thought? Scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division attached a camera to an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and deployed it under the sea ice at O'Brien Bay, near Casey research station. The following video footage shows a wonderland that has survived -1.5 degrees Celsius (29.3 degrees Fahrenheit) water and 0.5-metre (4.9-foot) thick sea ice. A 'winter wonderland,' if you will.

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Under Sea Ice In Antarctica

Watch the Australian Antarctic Division's underwater footage of this colorful wonderland.

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New Species Of Sea Anemone Discovered In Anarctica

This new species might provide insight into the possibility of life on places like Jupiter's ice-covered moon, Europa.

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