A Burial Pod That Safely Decomposes Bodies Beneath Trees

How should you handle your body after you die? Turns out there are more options than just a coffin or cremation. In the last decade, the death industry has widened considerably and includes many other options, plenty of which are environmentally friendly choices. One of these green options is the Capsula Mundi burial pod, which is basically a way to let a body become a tree.

There are two different varieties of Capsula Mundi's burial pods: a small pod that houses cremated ashes and a larger pod that holds a body in fetal position. Once the remains are inside the pod, it is planted into the Earth like a seed. Then, a tree, which is chosen by the deceased before they die, is planted above the pod. The family of the deceased cares for the tree as a memorial to their loved one, while the pod safely decomposes with the body in the soil. The Capsula Mundi creators were inspired by the idea of planting a tree rather than cutting one down to build a coffin. Watch the video below to see how the pods work, and to learn about other eco-friendly post-mortem options.

Capsula Mundi Burial Pods

Would this be your chosen way to go?

3 Amazing Things To Do After You Die

Would you rather become a tree or a diamond?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. 70% if England's population is cremated. 00:37

  2. Companies like LifeGem will use chemicals to extract the carbon from your ashes and turn into a diamond. 01:00

  3. Halmstad, Sweden uses their crematorium furnace to power homes in the town.  02:37

Eternal Reefs Provide Eco-Friendly, Underwater Burial

Become a long-time friend to the fish after death.

The Mushroom Death Suit

Would you like to become edible mushrooms after you die?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The mushroom burial suit won the 2013 design for death competition at a funeral director convention in Austin, Texas. 00:13

  2. The Mushroom Burial Suit is embroidered with edible mushrooms to help decompose a body. 00:27

Written by Curiosity Staff August 24, 2016

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