A Bucket That Sucks Up Sea Trash

A Bucket That Sucks Up Sea Trash

The Seabin may appear as an unassuming bucket, but it's got some big plans in mind for the environment. A team of product designers from Australia have created a bucket that sucks up trash from marinas and ports to help clean out the Earth's bodies of water. The Seabin is capable of sucking in plastic and other floating debris, as well as oil, fuel, and detergent. And don't worry about the fishes for now: In the Seabin's four years of testing, they haven't sucked in a single fish. The Seabin team is meeting with marine biologists at the end of 2015 to determine the Seabin's effects on microscopic ocean life.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    The Seabin is a device to catch trash floating in the water. (0:51)

  • 2

    The Seabin can also suck up oil and detergent from marinas and ports. (1:01)

  • 3

    Because the Seabin sits in marinas and ports, people can see what is caught. (1:10)

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