A Broken Heart Is More Likely To Suffer A Heart Attack

A Broken Heart Is More Likely To Suffer A Heart Attack

The day after the death of a loved one, your risk of heart attack skyrockets to an incredible 21 times higher than normal. And while those chances decrease on day two, for a week after a loved one's death the odds are still about six times what they otherwise would be. And this doesn't take into account the risk of broken heart syndrome, or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, which is different from a heart attack but can feel similar. Broken heart syndrome is a temporary (and usually non-fatal) weakening in the muscles of the heart that can cause congestive heart failure, usually brought on by grief or stress.

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Key Facts In This Video

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    The brain activity and surge of dopamine you experience when in love are similar to the ones you experience when hooked on nicotine or cocaine. (1:05)

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    The brain reacts to rejection and heartbreak in some of the same ways as it does to physical pain. (2:26)

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    Your chances of having a heart attack increase by 6 times during the first week of bereavement. (3:54)

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