A Beginner's Guide To Camping

A Beginner's Guide To Camping

In this constantly connected technological age, it can be easy to forget that outside lies a real, bustling world full of natural wonders. Taking the time to unplug from social networking, television, and a barrage of emails to restore a relationship with the natural environment can do a lot of good for the mind and body. As if these weren't reasons enough to pop up a tent and dust off the old hiking boots, an experience like camping also provides an excuse to squish roasted marshmallows between chocolate and graham crackers.

Camping is an opportunity to get back to the basics of life: learning how to build a fire, how to identify poisonous snakes and plants, and looking up into the vast universe above to connect the stars. So before you go load up on bug spray and s'mores supplies, check out this playlist to get started on your camping adventure.

Learn How To Build a Campfire

Before you can start roasting marshallows, you'll need a proper campfire. If your campsite doesn't provide a fire pit, watch this video to discover what it takes to build your own.


How Do You Tell Directions Without A Compass?

On a camping trip and missing a map or a compass? No problem. All you need is a stick, two rocks, and this video. Spoiler: Moss is not an accurate predictor!

Can You Identify A Poisonous Snake?

Before your next camping trip, learn how to identify poisonous snakes from different parts of the world.

Avoid Poison Ivy And Oak While Camping

Don't let poisonous plants ruin your next camping trip! Before you accidentally brush up against poison ivy or poison oak, watch this video to learn how to spot them.

A Beginner's Guide To Camping Green

Camping is the #1 outdoor vacation activity in the U.S. Learn how to have fun in the great outdoors while reducing your ecological footprint.


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