Adolf Hitler

8 Little-Known Heroes Of The Holocaust

Fact: There's never a wrong time to sing the praises of these eight inspiring Nazi-fighting heroes. From "The White Mouse" to the British magician, the people and groups in this list fought Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in a number of creative and powerful ways. Think of the night witches, who were boss bomber pilots, or Adolfo Kaminsky, who was a secret passport fabricator. Defeating evil requires more than just guns—it takes guts, education, wits...and magic? Learn more in the list below, and click the images to get the whole story on each one.

1. Irena Sendler

Though not Jewish herself, Sendler was shocked and disturbed at what was happening around her in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1939. She created fake documents to smuggle thousands of Jewish children out of ghettos.

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Written by Curiosity Staff January 27, 2017

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