5 Ways To Look At Any Picasso

You've heard the name Picasso a million times; he's one of the most famous artists in history. You're probably familiar with his work too. But maybe you just don't "get" it. If Picasso's work leaves you scratching your head a bit, you're not alone. The video essayist Evan Puschak of the Nerdwriter YouTube channel presents five different concepts to consider when observing a Picasso: your first reaction, content, form, historical context, and personal context. Check out his video below to see how these factors can come together to help you understand the artist's work.

How To Understand A Picasso

You've heard his name, but maybe you don't quite "get" his work.

The Case For Abstract Art

Watch this video before writing off Jackson Pollock's work.

Is This The Best Painting In History?

If so, why?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Diego Velázquez was a court painter for King Philip IV of Spain for more than 30 years. 00:35

  2. All of the subjects in "Las Meninas" can be grouped into pairs that frame the young princess in the middle of the scene. 02:05

  3. The couple in the mirror of "Las Meninas" is actually what is on the canvas Diego Velázquez is working on in the scene. 05:39

Written by Curiosity Staff October 3, 2016

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