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5 Raspberry Pi Projects That Will Make You Want One

The future of technology is increasingly leaning toward what many are referring to as the Internet of Things (IoT) — a co-dependent network of physical objects such as vehicles, buildings, and robots, that use a slew of hardware, software, and sensors to collect and exchange data. Many IoT devices are controlled remotely and assist us in everyday life, for instance by controlling our home's heat, sensing danger on the road, turning off lights when nobody's home, and much more.

Get Your Future On

While the inception of IoT technology was controlled mostly by major corporations such as IBM and Google, the endless and exciting opportunities this technology offers are now available for everyone, in the form of small-yet-powerful programmable computers that can carry out a dizzyingly large number of tasks.

Raspberry Pi is one of the most powerful, engaging, and fascinating Internet of Things tools on the market, and offers nearly endless programming and computing possibilities. And with the release of the Raspberry Pi Zero, seasoned developers and novice programmers alike are flocking to this celebrated platform to create new and exciting worlds.

Here are five amazingly cool Raspberry Pi Projects that you can create with the help of The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle, available for just $34:

1. 3D Scanner

2D scanning is so 2016. The future belongs to 3D scanning, modeling, and printing. And now you can get a head start on this exciting new frontier by using the Raspberry Pi (well, lots of Raspberry Pi's, that is). If you have the time and energy, you can create an amazingly accurate and jaw-dropping 3D scanner by setting up roughly ten poles, each outfitted with five or six Raspberry Pi cameras. From there, all it takes is a few simple lines of code to capture the raw data of the object of your choice, and send that data back to your computer, where you can create an amazingly life-like 3D model.

2. Talking Toy

Talking toys aren't just for Pixar movies or FAO Schwarz catalogues, they can in fact be created in the comfort of your own home using only your humble Raspberry Pi. Simply take a toy, sound clips from your favorite animated characters, a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi, and you're off to the races. With a few lines of code and some flashes of inspiration, your new toy friend will be able to recite the weather, local movie times, and the news all through simple voice commands.

3. Weather Station

Why take the time to look out the window in order to ascertain the weather when you can have your Raspberry Pi do it for you? In fact, with just a little bit of knowhow and a few added components, you can program your Raspberry Pi to report on the precise temperature outside, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and even a forecast of the next few days.

4. Home Surveillance System

When you're trying to protect your home, you want to use components that are small, easy to hide, and discrete. Luckily, the Raspberry Pi thrives in all three of these categories, which is what makes it such a perfect gadget for a home surveillance system. Outfit your Raspberry Pi with a small camera, place it in your garage, near your front door, or anywhere else, and voila—you've got a simple, effective home surveillance system that can record the actions of nefarious criminals 24/7. All it takes to relay the video to your laptop is a base-level knowledge of code, which can be quickly learned with courses like The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle.

5. Portable, Digital eBook Library

eBooks are great, but if you're an avid reader, they can take up way too much room on your device (especially if that device is your go-to smartphone, which is likely to be overrun with photos in the first place). So why not take some of the eBook burden off your phone by setting up a super cool mobile digital library with your Raspberry Pi. You won't even need to install any additional components—simply load your digital library onto the Pi via a USB cable, and then transfer additional files to and from the library via a flash drive.

Now you can discover these exciting projects and countless others with The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle, available for just $34.

This course bundle will allow you to unlock the limitless potential of Raspberry Pi, regardless of whether you're a computer science wiz or a total beginner. With courses that cover everything from automation techniques to robotics, you'll walk away from this 8-course bundle with the knowledge you need to create software and hardware projects, use GPIO Pins, mine for bitcoins, program robots, and much more.

Written by Curiosity Staff August 17, 2017

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