4 Reasons Your Bathroom Needs A Bidet

There are several reasons why Europeans often look disdainfully across the Atlantic and take pity on us Americans. Political partisanship has reached record highs, gun violence continues to be an issue, and the fragility of our economy remains a legitimate concern. Yet out of all the pitiable and impossible-to-understand woes our country endures on a regular basis, few are as perplexing to the average European observer as our choice of toilet.

Instead of plopping ourselves down on a European-style toilet, where one's nethers are fully cleansed by a refreshing bidet, we choose instead to sit on the most unimaginative and needlessly unhelpful toilets imaginable; leaving us to wipe ourselves clean with dry paper like common peasants.

And bidets are no longer only for the rich and privileged — the snobby aristocrats who light their $500 cigars with hundred-dollar bills before asking their maids to pour them a glass of port. In fact, today, absolutely anyone with a toilet, running water, and a few dollars to spare can enjoy all the wonders of a bidet with minimal effort. And here's why you should invest a few dollars into doing just that:

Bidets Are More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper

Bidets are more hygienic and more efficient, too. Think of it this way: if your hands are sullied with dirt and grime, do you reach for a dry paper towel to clean them? We think not. Instead, you would likely wet the paper towel in order to increase its absorbent properties. Wetness is a powerful tool when it comes to cleaning almost anything, so why not apply it to your bum?

Bidets Make Your Bathroom Look Classy

In fact, we challenge you to say with a straight face that at some point in your life you haven't been impressed by a nice hotel's luxurious bidet. Something about them just screams "comfort" and "splendor," which are the exact two words that will pop into the minds of your future houseguests the second they step foot into your modern and ultra-hip bidet bathroom.

Bidets Are Environmentally-Friendly

They're also especially friendly to your wallet! Yes, there once was a time when installing a bidet was a major effort that required plumbers, contractors, and hefty bank accounts. Those days, mercifully, are over. Now, there are several affordable bidets that more than make up for their small cost by eliminating the need to buy toilet paper, which is more expensive in the long-run and less-than-great for the environment. (Americans spend roughly $6 billion on toilet tissue every year, which equates to around 16 million sacrificed trees.)

Bidets Are Actually Easily Installed

Believe it or not, some of the most affordable bidets on the market are incredibly easy to install. Given all the wonders and joy a good bidet provides, one would think that a drastic bathroom renovation would be needed for its installation. You will be pleased to discover, however, that you need not replace your entire toilet or make any changes to your home's plumbing in order to enjoy a blissful bidet experience. This BioBidet A3 Self-Cleaning Bidet Attachment, for instance, allows you to easily and affordably install your very own bidet in a matter of minutes.

Indeed, no separate hose system is required for this marvel of water architecture. The BioBidet A3 delivers a soothing ambient temperature wash, includes an easily accessible panel with simple controls (including a much-appreciated pressure control knob), and even fits those super wide toilets.

And since the BioBidet A3 relies only on water pressure from your fresh water line as opposed to electricity to do its thing, you'll save money on toilet paper and your electric bill.

Want One?

Americans have embraced with open arms so many of the modern day comforts that separate the 21st century from the Middle Ages. We gleefully ride on airplanes instead of horse-drawn carriages, we enjoy antibiotics instead of bleeding via leeches, and we prefer to call or text our friends around the world as opposed to waiting days or weeks for a letter to arrive.

So why are our poor bottoms still forced to endure such antiquated toilet technology, when affordable, practical, and enjoyable bidets like the BioBidet A3 are available?

You can resolve that little issue by picking up a BioBidet A3 for just $29.99, reduced 84% from the normal $199 price tag.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 22, 2017

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