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2MASS JO253-1403, The Smallest Star

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Scientists believe the 2MASS JO253-1403 star, discovered in 2013, may be the smallest in the universe. This star, located about 42 light years away, could fit inside Jupiter. But that doesn't mean we've measured all the stars of the universe -- just that this star is as small as one can get while still being considered a star.

The Smallest Star in the Universe

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. In 2013, astronomers discovered what might be the smallest star in the universe. 00:16

  2. 2MASS JO253-1403 is as small as a star can get while still being considered a star. 00:48

  3. The longer-lived an object in the universe is, the more likely it is we'll find it. 03:04

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