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21st Century Composing: Scoring Music For Film And Video Games

Not all music is created equally. You may love the soundtrack of your favorite film, television show, or video game just as much as you enjoy Beethoven's 9th, but you may not know how deliberately the score from your favorite form of entertainment was composed. Elliot Callighan, independent composer and sound designer, joins the Curiosity Podcast to reveal how musicians in the 21st century write for media that didn't even exist when most of history's greatest composers were alive.

Elliot Calligan is a classically trained violinist and pianist, metal guitarist and electronic music enthusiast, a Soundpost Co-Chair for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Overture Council, and an adjunct faculty member in the Film & Game programs at DePaul University. His work has been featured in campaigns for United Airlines, The Chicago Advertising Federation, GMC, The Godrej Group, Chevrolet Motors, The Goodman Theatre as well as many independent films and games. Stream or download the podcast using the player below, or find the episode everywhere podcasts are found, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Gretta.

Podcast Show Notes And Links

Elliot Callighan, independent composer and sound designer and adjunct faculty in the Film & Game programs at DePaul University, discusses:

  • The different challenges facing a composer writing for an orchestra hall versus writing for film or video games.
  • What's a game jam, and how a composer can overcome challenges in writing music for a game developed during one.
  • Why a sound designer for a video game can actually function more like a game designer.
  • How a composer for film and video games processes the very specific needs of directors and development teams.
  • Tips for people getting started composing music, whether for film or digital media or for a symphony orchestra.

And don't miss the various tips for how to find inspiration when you're trying to think creatively! Click here to follow along with a written transcript of this episode (and share clips with your friends).

Podcast Show Notes And Links

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Elliot Callighan, Composer & Sound Designer for Media

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Written by Cody Gough October 3, 2017

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