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15 Myths You Probably Believe

15 Myths You Probably Believe

Between old wives tales, marketing scams, media messages, and good old fashioned rumors, there are plenty of commonly held beliefs that are just not true. Will a detox diet cleanse your system? No. That idea that men and women have different brains? False. Do you really need 10,000 steps a day? Not really. (Though, it couldn't hurt.) But figuring out what to believe can be a difficult, and seemingly endless, task. That's why we've done the work for you. Here's the truth behind some concepts you've probably heard — and believed — for a long time. And if someone ever asks you to pee on their jellyfish sting, you can let them know that's not a thing. You're welcome.

1. There's A Difference Between Male And Female Brains

2. Listening To Mozart Will Make You Smarter

3. Peeing On A Jellyfish Stings Will Ease The Pain

8. Detox Products Will Cleanse Your Body

10. Everybody Has A Different Learning Style

14. Food On The Floor For Less Than 5 Seconds Is Safe To Eat

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