13 Incredible Origin Stories: There's A First For Everything!

Ever wonder who wrote the first emoticon? Or what the first hockey puck looked like? Or sports bra? For that last one, the story is fascinating. Although a "Free Swing Tennis Bra" was marketed as an athletic bra for women in 1975, its design was similar to that of a standard bra. It wasn't until 1977 that a true sports bra emerged. It was created by jogger Lisa Lindahl and costume designer Polly Smith, with "creative" input coming from Lindahl's husband, who allegedly wore a jockstrap on his chest and joked, "Here's your jockbra, ladies." After actually stitching two jock straps together, the women realized they had invented something that did in fact provide the support they were after. They improved on the "jockbra," submitted a patent, and eventually made the Jogbra, which closely resembles the sports bras women wear today. Check out the origin stories for that and other everday ideas and items we take for granted.

Written by Curiosity Staff November 17, 2016

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