10 Hilarious Finalists of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Wild animals are majestic, sometimes scary creatures freely roaming the Earth in all their natural, unbounded glory. But let's not forget how hilarious they can be, too. To highlight and celebrate the comedic prowess of animals around the world, we have the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. It's okay — we're laughing with them, not at them.

Founded by Tanzania-based photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, this competition focuses both on goofy animals shots and wildlife conservation efforts. The photos submitted to the annual competition are judged by a panel of qualified wildlife and photography experts; check out the whole roster here.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite finalist photos from the 2017 contest. Which one of these photos do you think they should choose as the overall winner? (We love the totally stupefied look on that young elephant seal's face.)

Three king penguins approach the only church on South Georgia Island appearing to be headed for services. Titled as "Mom, do we always have to be the first ones at church?"
Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) mother with cub hitching a ride on mama's bum. Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada.
A baby lemon shark shows a big smile in front of the camera, taken in Bimini, the Bahamas.
A young elephant seals looks shocked at his friends revelation in George Cathcart's "WTF?!", taken on December 13, 2016 in San Simeon, California.
A giraffe checks plane safety in Graeme Guy's "Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks"on November 17, 2008 in Masai Mara, Kenya.
Blue wildebeest standing on a mound pictured in Masai Mara, Kenya.
Japanese Macaque, or Snow Monkey seen at Jigokundani Monkey Park, near Nakano in Japan.
Burrowing Owlet embarrassed by kissing behind him, Salton Sea, California.
A Green Turtle vs a Napoleon Maori Wrasse.
Baby Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) pictured on the top of a yarrow flower in Monticelli Brusati, Italy.

2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Preview

Written By Joanie Faletto November 13, 2017